About Us

and Camp Notes

B&GSA is a  non-profit organization. Our dues are $32.00 a year. At each skirmish we have a small range fee. We also charge .50 cents a target for the individual shoot. The range fee and target fee is  our only income for any improvements to the range.      

Skirmishes, are held monthly at Fort Thomas Evans  which  is located off of SR-120,  just outside of Oakdale, California.

Targets are of various types and distances and the skirmishes are timed events. Lowest score takes the day. Members of the B&GSA wear authentic uniforms and represent  soldiers of actual companies from the civil war, both North and South. We also have several reenactment units in the B&GSA, that also like to skirmish. So if you are interested you can join one of these units and do both reenacting and skirmishing.

Saturday night is always a pot luck dinner. And,  fire season permitting , there is a bonfire. Families will enjoy the camping and being with some of the greatest people you will ever find. Free camping  is available, however, Fort Thomas Evans  is a dry camp  so bring your own water. Eventually we will drill wells for drinking water.

Visitors are more than welcome. Membership is open to all. We have several women skirmishing on both sides. Those from the ages of 15 to 17 years old must have written parental consent to join. We now have 100 members and growing.

Contact: Terry McGill (925) 370-1439

Per the owner of the land: All modern weapons and ammunition are prohibited. This means everything from .22 caliber up to the big bore weapons , both pistols and rifles. Only black powder pistols or rifles , with soft  lead bullets , will be fired on the range.

Camp Notes (See Map Below)

Fort Thomas Evans is located in the BLM Red Hills Recreation Area in Southwestern Tuolumne County. Take the Mariposa Rd/Escalon Exit to the east from Hwy 99. Travel to Escalon and pick up Hwy 120 to Oakdale. In Oakdale Hwy 120 joins with Hwy 108. Proceed east for 21.4 miles and make a right turn on LaGrange Rd. Travel 1.9 miles and make a left turn on Red Hills Road. Go 2.1 miles on Red Hills Rd and look on your right. After entering, you will immediately go over a low water concrete crossing. Bear right and travel .7 tenths of a mile and the range is on your left.

Note: Fort Thomas Evans is a DRY CAMP (no water), so please bring your own water with you.